BITS Cloud Framework

Now is the time to move into services and create sustainable business based on recurring revenue. Without reinventing the wheel.

Enable your sales by enabling them to compose and sell Cloud solutions that match the needs of business end-customers. Drive transformation and sales conversion by managing portfolio, funnel, orders, subscriptions and recurring revenue.

Sell Solutions instead of commodities

Move away from the red ocean of cloud commodities and create your own blue ocean of uncontested market space by selling added value solutions that match business needs.

BITS Cloud Configurator enables you to

  • Have your own customized version of the configurator branded for your organization
  • Meet business needs by selling integrated services from multiple vendors
  • Differentiate with your own added-value
  • Be transparent in pricing
  • Bridge the gap between cloud services and business requirements

Faster Go-To-Market

In this market of exponential innovation and growth you need to be able to adopt, adapt and improve your offerings immediately. Without the need for expensive configuration by consultants.

BITS Framework gives you

  • All the sales enablement and management tools you need, available as-a-service
  • The ability to differentiate by creating your own Cloud Solutions portfolio
  • Continuous real time information to drive the business and realize optimal sales conversion
  • Additional sales tools & templates (more than 20 tools & templates included)
  • Integration options with your CRM, ITSM, production and provisioning

Freedom of choice

To differentiate and win you need maximum freedom of choice. Vendors, platforms and tools for provisioning, support or billing should not define or limit your capabilities.

With the BITS Cloud Services Management Bus you can

  • Use your Cloud Provisioning tools of choice (your own, Parallels, Nervogrid, etc.)
  • Use your platform of choice (your own, HP VPC, Ms Azure, Amazon EC2, IBM Softlayer, etc.)
  • Use your ITSM tools of choice (your own, TopDesk, Cherwell, ServiceNow, etc.)
  • Use your Billing services of choice (your own, CloudCruiser, Zuora, etc.)
  • Integrate other 3rd party services easily with BITS Connectors

Build your own unlimited portfolio

To win you need to be able to stand out and distinguish yourself. Create your own distinctive portfolio that encompasses your added value combined with the apps and services of multiple vendors, ISVs and service providers. With Bits Portfolio Creator you are truly unlimited in the creation of a portfolio that matches the needs of your target business end-customers.

The Bits Portfolio Creator enables you to

  • Create your own distinctive services portfolio quickly and easily
  • Define your own solution building blocks
  • Select from hundreds of pre-defined solution building blocks
  • Compose with apps and services from multiple vendors, ISVs and service providers
  • Create multiple portfolios for specific markets

Drive conversion and manage recurring revenue

To really build a sustainable and recurring business you need the insights and performance indicators of a subscription based business. Continuous real time information to drive the business and realize optimal sales conversion.

BITS Cloud Sales & Subscription manager lets you

  • Create your own rate plans
  • Manage revenue and margins per service, solution block, category and market
  • Fully automated funnel from all your online Cloud Configurators
  • Order management
  • Subscription management

Manage delivery; convert orders into subscriptions

After closing the deal you need to execute and follow through, you need to deliver. To convert orders in to subscriptions monitoring and control of delivery is of the utmost importance.

Bits Order & Subscription management gives control and insight on

  • Order status, deliverables per order, under lying apps and services
  • Subscription activation and administration
  • Optional integration with your CRM, ITSM, CMDB or contractmanagement system
  • Automated or semi-automated messaging with your production / provisioning system of choice

Give your sales the tools to challenge and convince their business customers

You need tools and templates to support every stage of the sales process. Your sales need to be able to speak the language of business and address their concerns and challenges.

Bits Cloud Business toolkit includes

  • More than 30 templates from intake to contract
  • Battle cards
  • Tools for TCO and ROI analyses
  • Business Benchmark
  • Close plans